By participating in the Techron Advantage Fuel Credits Program (the "Fuel Credits Program"), you hereby agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

How Fuel Credits Work

Techron Advantage Credit Card Account (“Card Account”) and Techron Advantage Visa Credit Card Account (“Visa Card Account”)

Fuel credits (“Fuel Credits”) are earned on fuel purchases made at participating Chevron or Texaco stations in the U.S. Fuel Credits accrue during your billing period and will be applied as a statement credit to the balance on your Card Account or Visa Card Account at the end of the billing period in which they are earned. For each fuel purchase, you will earn three cents ($0.03) per gallon in Fuel Credits (“Base Fuel Credits”) that can be combined with additional Fuel Credits as explained below. Fuel Credits will not be earned on Chevron or Texaco commercial aviation fuel or on marine fuel purchases or cash advances. Your account must be in good standing to earn and receive Fuel Credits. If your Card Account or Visa Card Account is suspended, you will not earn Fuel Credits until your charging privileges have been restored. Fuel Credits will be forfeited if your Card Account or Visa Card Account is closed, whether by you or Synchrony Bank.

Fuel Credits for Visa Card Accounts

If you carry the Visa Card Account, you can combine your Base Fuel Credits with Fuel Credits earned from making Eligible Purchases as defined below (“Visa Spend Fuel Credits”). You can earn up to ten cents ($0.10) per gallon in Visa Spend Fuel Credits in two cents ($0.02) per one hundred dollar ($100.00) spend increments as described below. To earn Visa Spend Fuel Credits in any billing period you must meet one of the Eligible Purchase thresholds set forth below in that billing period. Eligible Purchases include net purchases (less credits, returns and adjustments) made on your Card Account or Visa Card Account, other than (i) purchases made at Chevron- or Texaco-branded retail locations and (ii) purchases made at any other fuel merchant (“Eligible Purchases”). If your Eligible Purchases in any billing period total: $100.00 to $199.99, you will earn two cents ($0.02) per gallon; $200.00 to $299.99, you will earn four cents ($0.04) per gallon; $300.00 to $399.99, you will earn six cents ($0.06) per gallon; $400.00 to $499.99, you will earn eight cents ($0.08) per gallon; and $500.00 or more, you will earn ten cents ($0.10) per gallon. A maximum of $300 in Visa Spend Fuel Credits may be earned in any calendar year.

Promotional Fuel Credits

Introductory Fuel Credit offers may be available for new Card Accounts and Visa Card Accounts. After opening your Card Account or Visa Card Account, we may offer you the ability to earn Fuel Credits in addition to any Base Fuel Credits during the introductory period. The number of additional Fuel Credits and the duration of the introductory period may vary. Details of the current introductory offer may be posted at Chevron- and Texaco-branded retail locations and can be found at After the introductory period ends, you will continue to earn Base Fuel Credits as described in these Fuel Credits Program terms.

We may offer you other opportunities to earn additional promotional Fuel Credits from time to time. We will notify you about these other promotional offers when they become available.

Comply with General Fuel Credits Program Terms

The Fuel Credits Program is available for consumer Card Accounts and Visa Card Accounts only. Fuel Credits are not transferable. Fuel Credits are not “gifts” and are not intended for gift-giving purposes. You acknowledge that any Fuel Credits accrued are purely promotional and are provided without the payment of any consideration or other thing of value. We reserve the right to remove any person from the Fuel Credits Program in the event of any fraud or abuse in connection with this Fuel Credits Program. Participation in the Fuel Credits Program will be suspended if your Card Account or Visa Card Account is suspended. We reserve the right to change or terminate this Fuel Credits Program at any time and in any manner without notice. Changes may include, among other things, changing the benefits, imposing additional restrictions or terminating the Fuel Credits Program.

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